Sunsalt | Environmental
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SunSalt/Murray River Salt is the first company in Australia to utilize the underground saline aquifers of the Murray Darling Basin. These aquifers come from the remanence of an ancient inland sea that our region is stowed upon. This incredible geological change has created brine that has been trapped for thousands of years and still remains completely free from any form of contamination.

The brine we extract is the most pristine and it contains a large amount of natural minerals such as magnesium, calcium, potassium and a very small amount of iodine.

Our process is to pump the brine into the crystallizer ponds, where it makes the white salt through solar evaporation. It is then transferred to our processing facilities and made into our different product ranges.


Our family became involved in the salt industry in 1975 as we were mining for gypsum, but before long we found the underground ancient sea where saline aquifers were holding an abundance of brine. That brine was to be extracted by 1983 when the first bore was installed. The purpose of the brine was to extract the salt and this is where the foundations of ‘Murray River Salt’ begun.
Having the access to the Murray Darling Basin with a limitless supply of brine gave the company the ability to produce salt in a sustainable manner and further develop the range of unique products they now have on offer.


Understanding the environment and the impact of salinity is the biggest factor in Sunsalt/Murray River Salts eco plan. We utilize the pristine brine and market this benefit together with the fact that our operation is also assisting in an environmental way by physically removing the salt.  We operate at a salt mitigation site that is assisting in stopping approx. 200 tonnes of salt per day entering the Murray River downstream from the Mildura weir.

We also recommend that the consumer be made aware of firstly “why import salt into this country when we have high quality salt available in Australia as well as a salinity problem?”


Our products are tested annually for heavy metals and contaminants –
We are a passionate business that believes in our brand and is highly motivated to get our information across. We stand for truth and 100% Australian Owned. The world needs to know our products are produced under strict HACCP conditions and offer traceability.


As a small family business we hope the next generation will seek success in the continuation of our business. We want to encourage the consumer to become fully aware of our “environmental story” and support an Australian company rather than importing salts from overseas.